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Connect with Jews all over the world by joining the Women for Women Hafrashas Challah and Hadlakas Neiros Initiative.

Our Sages tell us that women have a unique power of tefillah when performing the mitzvos of hafrashas challah and hadlakas neiros. These are our special mitzvos, and we can link their merit with the great chessed of davening for others.

Through the Better Than A Segulah Challah Baking and/or Hadlakas Neiros Initiatives, you will receive a weekly e-mail with a name to daven for when performing one or both of these mitzvos.

You can also submit a name of someone in need to be added to our tefillah list.

Additionally, we offer you the opportunity to sponsor a specific week of challah baking or hadlakas neiros.  Submit a name, which will be bumped to the top of our tefillah list for members of the group to daven for that week.

You can make a difference to a fellow Jew in need of a yeshuah.

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Tefillah for Hadlakas Neiros

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to receive a name to daven for each week.

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