Nefesh HaChayim

“How precious are the words of Torah! How precious are those who toil in Torah before the Almighty! For anyone who toils in Torah need not fear from the damages of this world.

Tanna D’vei Eliyahu Rabbah

(Tanna D’vei Eliyahu Rabbah, Chapter 20)
“If a person has a Torah scholar within his home, and he supports him along with the members of his household, blessing enters into the work of his hands forever.

Chofetz Chayim al HaTorah

(Chofetz Chayim al HaTorah, p. 228)
“The Torah is the possession of the entire Jewish nation, and just as the one who studies (Torah), so too the one who supports (merits reward); there is for both of them a good reward in their work. …It is incumbent upon each one to uphold the Torah according to his capability.”

Gemara Eruvin

(Gemara Eruvin, 54a)
“One who feels pain in his head, should toil in Torah… One who feels pain in his throat, should toil in Torah… One who feels pain in his intestines, should toil in Torah… One who feels pain in his entire body, should toil in Torah, as it says, ‘And for all his flesh a cure.’”

Pirkei Avos

(Pirkei Avos, 6:7)
“Great is Torah that gives life to her perpetuators in this world and in the World to Come, as it says (Mishlei 4), ‘For they (the words of Torah) are life for those who find them, and a cure for the entire body.’ And (in addition) it says, (ibid, 3) ‘She is a tree of life for those who cling to her, and her supporters are fortunate.’ …And (in addition) it says, (ibid, 9), ‘Because through (the Torah) your days will be increased and it will increase for you years of life.’ And (in addition) it says, (ibid, 3) ‘Long life is in her right hand, and in her left is wealth and honor.’

Ginzei Chaim Falagi

(Ginzei Chaim Falagi, os 49, page 155)
I heard from a great Torah scholar that in our generation parnassah has been greatly diminished because the learning of Mishnah has decreased. משנה has the same gematria as פרנסה ; when a person learns more Mishnah, it will increase his parnassah

Zohar, VaYechi

“Why does the blessing of Zevulun precede the blessing of Yissachar always? …Zevulun merited because he took bread from his mouth and gave it to the mouth of Yissachar (in order that Yissachar should be able to learn Torah without concern for a livelihood)… From here we learn, that a person who supports a Torah scholar receives blessings… and even more so, he merits two tables (wealth and Torah greatness)… He merits wealth in this world, and he merits a portion in the World to Come.

From The Letters of the Steipler Gaon

(From The Letters of the Steipler Gaon)(Pirkei Avos, 6:7)
“And certainly, this great mitzvah (of supporting Torah study) will guard over those who busy themselves with it, to bless them with all good, long life, and much pleasure in this world, and the principal (portion of merit) will be guarded and last for the World to Come…. And certainly, all who help and support (the study of) our holy Torah will merit to all the good that is hidden away for the righteous, and they will be blessed with wealth and success in this world as it says, “(The Torah) is a tree of life for all who cling to her, and her supporters are fortunate”… and they will all…be blessed in spiritual matters and physical matters and (they will experience) much success for good and for blessings, with long days and years and much pleasure, and the principle (merit) is guarded and endures for the World to Come… And certainly, all those who help (in the support of Torah study) will be blessed from Heaven in enormous measure, for a great salvation and bountiful blessings and success and all good forever in this world; and the principle (reward) endures for the World to Come beyond measure.”

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