Segulos for Health and Long Life

  1. Learning mishnayos is a segulah for long life (Rabbi Tzaddok Hakohen of Lublin, Sefer Takanas Hashavim, end siman 6).
  1. The Tanna Rebbi Meir told of two people who were equally ill. One was cured, while the other was not. What was the difference between the two? The one who was cured davened a complete tefillah, with kavannah, and was thus answered, while the other did not daven with kavannah and was therefore not answered (Rosh Hashanah 18a).
  1. If one is undergoing some kind of suffering or has an ill person in his household, he should observe a chacham and learn from him how to daven properly and beg for rachamim (Meiri, Bava Basra 116a).
  1. One’s main intent when davening for health is that he should thus have the ability to learn Torah and do the mitzvos properly, as when one is ill, he is not able to fulfill the mitzvos properly (Seder Hayom).
  1. Reciting the Asher Yatzar blessing with great concentration is a tried-and-tested segulah to be healed (Rabbi Meir of Premishlan).
  1. Saying Tehillim is a very great merit, as when David Hamelech said the words of Tehillim, he said them with Ru’ach Hakoddesh. This inspiration is now imbedded within the words of Tehillim so that when one says Tehillim, the Ruach Hakoddesh is aroused, and it is as if David Hamelech himself is reciting the words. Thus reciting Tehillim with bitachon is a very great segulah to be healed (Yalkut Me’am Lo’ez, Tehillim, Introduction to section 2).
  1. One who has an ill person in his household should go to a chacham and ask him to intercede for mercy on behalf of the ill person (Bava Basra 116a).
  1. One can go to a wise and holy person to ask him to pray on his behalf for healing, but he must remember to ultimately place his trust in Hashem, the One Who truly brings the cure.
    The story is told of a man who suffered from a terrible illness, who traveled to the tzaddik Rav Yitzchak of Neshchiz and begged him for a promise that he would be cured from his illness. Rav Yitzchak refused to grant such a guarantee, but the man continued to beg him. Finally, Rav Yitzchak told him, “It is possible that you will be healed, but I cannot promise with certainty that this will happen. The problem is that you have forgotten to place your trust in Hashem, Who alone can save you, since you heard that ‘there is a man from Neshchiz who is a wonder worker,’ and you placed your faith in him! When you again place your faith in Hashem Yisbarach, then you will merit your salvation!”
  1. One who is seeking health should not place his faith in doctors, but rather in the One who grants them their ability to effect a cure.

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