Segulos for Easy Labor and Delivery

  1. segulah for an easy pregnancy and an easy delivery is for the woman to be careful to speak only the truth (Sefer Hamiddos, Erech Herayon, 1).
  2. segulah for an easy delivery is to say Hallel and hoda’ah – praise and thanks to Hashem Yisbarach; in addition, learning specific halachos and improving one’s performance of mitzvos are segulos for an easy delivery (Sefer Likutei Eitzos, Erech Banim, 10).
  3. Supporting Torah study by giving money to talmidei chachamim is a segulah for an easy delivery (ibid).
  4. segulah for an easy childbirth is to eat melaveh malkah on Motza’ei Shabbos. When a woman does so, she should say out loud, “For the sake of the mitzvah of se’udas melaveh malkah” (Ta’amei Haminhagim, page 568s.v. segulah l’nashim).
  5. If a woman is having difficulty in childbirth, her husband should learn the first Mishnah of Bava Kama – Arba’ah Avos Nezikin – several times (Zichron Yaakov Yosef).
  6. If a woman is having difficulty in childbirth, her husband should bring a candle from shul and try to have her light it herself. This is to remind her of the merit of lighting candles for Shabbos, yom tov and Yom Kippur, when she prays for the lives of her husband and children. Also, when she does this she will be aroused to thoughts of teshuvah for the three aveiros for which women die during childbirth (not being careful with the mitzvos of challah, niddah, and hadlakas neiros) (Ma’avar Yabok, Sifsei Tzeddek, 5).
  7. It is an amazing segulah to recite the tefillah of Nishmas. The Steipler Gaon used the segulah of reciting Nishmas at all different times and especially when a woman was having difficulty in childbirth (Sefer Shimush Chachamim, page 52).
  8. When a woman enters her ninth month of pregnancy, her husband should be the one to open the aron koddesh (known as pesichah) before keriyas haTorah (as written by the Chida in Moreh B’Etzba 3:90).
  9. A woman should not eat radishes during her pregnancy because this causes difficulty in childbirth (Ta’amei Haminhagim, page 568, s.v. segulah l’ishahSefer HamiddosErech Kishui L’Yeled, 1).

Segulos for One who has Previously Miscarried to Carry a Baby to Full Term

  1. If one’s wife has miscarried there are several things to be done as a zechus: The couple should daven with tears and specific kavannah to sweeten this judgment, as there is nothing that averts a difficult verdict more than tears. Furthermore, anytime the couple is aroused to tears for any reason, they should have in mind that this judgment should be averted through their tears (Ateres Tiferes by the Bach, chelek Kesser Malchus, page 159).
  2. zechus for having children and for giving birth to living children is that the husband and wife should accept upon themselves to say Birkas Hamazon specifically from a siddur (heard from Rav Shach; source for this seen in Amud Ha’eish, in the name of the Maharil Diskin).

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