Segulos for Shidduchim

  1. segulah to find one’s bashert is to say Shir Hashirim for 40 days.
  2. segulah to find one’s bashert is to daven for one’s friend who is in need of a shidduch; as Chazal say, “Kol hamevakeish rachamim al chaveiro, v’hu tzarich l’oso davar, hu ne’enah techilah (Bava Kama 92a) – one who asks for mercy on behalf of his friend, and he needs the same thing, he is answered first.
  3. segulah to find one’s bashert is to give tzeddakah generously for hachnasas kallah.
  4. One who is having difficulty finding one’s bashert should learn maseches Kesubos in depth (Sefer Alef Kasuv from HaRav Yitzchok Weiss of Verboi, cited from his uncle HaRav Y. Prager, son-in-law of the Maharam Schick).