After several years of struggling with shidduchim, I found myself going out with a bochur who seemed very promising. As things progressed, I wanted an extra zechus, so I arranged with Better Than a Segulah to have someone learn on my behalf. B”H, this bochur did indeed become my chosson, and today I am writing to you as a happy kallah.
Thank you for setting it up!
Brooklyn, NY
This letter is long overdue; B”H for the past few months it has been quite busy… I had been back from seminary for a few years already and I wanted to marry and help support a Ben Torah. I noticed a “Better Than a Segulah” ad and I decided to do it for 40 days for the sake of supporting limud Torah. At the end of the 40 days I got a phone call from the organization asking if I wanted to do another 40 days, and I did. The next day, the first of 40, was Yom Kippur when the next year’s judgment is sealed… And on the 40th day I celebrated my engagement to my own Ben Torah! I want to be mefarsem this story in order to be mechazek people in supporting limud HaTorah and to stress how beloved limud Torah is to Hashem.
Yasher Koach
Monsey, NY
By now I would think that you already can guess my story, but I never know. It all started on a Friday night after my mother tzin litch. I was looking through the Family First and that’s when the “Better than a Segulah” advertisement caught my notice. I have two relatives who are in the parshah of shidduchim and I thought this could be a zechus for them to find their bashert. So I decided to sponsor a cycle of forty days; and that’s how my story stared. At the end of the first cycle, my cousin got engaged. I didn’t put two and two together that it was the fortieth day and the same day as the engagement until later. When it did hit me, I was quite surprised; and I continued the forty days for the next cycle. I can’t say that this will work for everyone but I definitely can say that I really see yad Hashem here. I know that when someone davens for something to happen and Hashem doesn’t want it to happen then, He puts your tefillos someplace else. They do not go to ‘waste’; that’s what been happening to me.
I’ve been doing the cycle of forty days for probably two years by now and at the end of every single cycle someone got engaged. I knew every one of them, some family friends and some cousins and it hits me with the same message every time; Hashem hears my request, it’s just not the right time yet. I know that the right for my relatives it coming closer every day, I just have to do my hishtadlus and Hashem will do the rest.
Lakewood, NJ
I was having a difficult time with shidduchim. I was in the middle of going out with my chosson and wanted an extra zechus. I arranged with Better Than a Segulah to have someone learn on my behalf, and B”H I am a kallah!
Thank you for setting it up!
Brooklyn, NY
It is with feelings of gratitude to your wonderful organization that I write these few words to you.
After being in shidduchim for several years, I decided to sponsor 40 days of Torah learning as a זכות to merit my own Ben-Torah. Several days after the 40 day Torah learning completion I became engaged.

I thank you for being my form of השתדלות and may you be zocheh to continue in being a מליץ יושר for all of כלל ישראל.
With Much Thanks,
Philadelphia, PA
I just wanted to provide you with a little update.
As you may recall, Saturday June 1, 2019 was the last day of the study for my merit, concerning a request that I have made to HKB”H for a new job. I have been searching for a new job since February because of an almost unbearable situation at my current workplace. From February to June – a total four-month period, I sent out numerous applications and no one ever responded to me.
Today, I received not one but two – two – to attend interviews for other jobs. Some may say that this is a “coincidence” – I respectfully differ. How could this possibly be anything but the Torah study being better than a segulah? If this is a coincidence, why would it happen exactly when the study terminated? It is, on my part, siyata dishmaya – a miracle.
I just wanted to express my profound appreciation and gratitude to you and to the talmidei chachamim who studied for the past few forty day sessions. I would like all of you to know that there is great merit in the work that you do. I got the yeshuos I was seeking – encouragement to continue to apply. Even if I don’t get a job offer (lo aleinu), getting to even an interview stage is a miracle for me.
Thank you so much and keep up the excellent work. I am so happy to know Better Than A Segulah and your work. I wish more people did.
May you merit more and more blessings from Hashem.
Montreal, Canada
I’ve tried many segulos out there to find my true zivug. I’m divorced and looking to get remarried. Shadchanim told me it is very hard for an older woman to remarry, since men my age are looking for only younger women to remarry. I’m trying for a few years already. I decided to try Better Than a Segulah's program for a zivug and parnassah, since I needed more money to live on a daily basis. After 40 days nothing happened; I decided to try another 40 days. In the middle of 40 days the second time, parnassah started coming in and names started to be given to me to check out. B”H money started coming in for parnassah, so I was having enough money to live on month by month, as a single parent trying to make ends meet. Names started coming in for zivugim. I decided to add again 40 days since things started looking good. B”H I found my zivug, and I’m still continuing for 40 days until my chassunah, iy”H. I’m so grateful for Better Than a Segulah, knowing that I’m supporting Torah, someone learning Torah on a daily basis makes me feel there’s no way to give tzedakah, and still have someone learning for you for 40 days in a row. Iy”H you should continue having hatzlachah in what you are doing and Hashem should repay you with everything good.
Our vort was last night. I truly believe that the zechus of the learning brought so much berachah and rachamei shamayim.

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