Segulos for General Zechusim

  • Anyone who is suffering from any kind of pain should run to learn Torah, and the suffering will literally flee from him. One who wishes to see berachah (blessing) in his endeavors – whether he is in need of a refuah sheleimah, parnassah, or anything else – should establish for himself a set time to learn Torah. Through this he will merit to be helped with whatever he needs (Tana D’vei Eliyahu Rabbah 7).
  • Benefiting talmidei chachamim from one’s monetary assets is a great merit for wealth and for earning Olam Haba (Pesachim 53b).
  • If one learns Torah, suffering will be removed from him (Berachos 5a).
  • One who is careful about keeping Shabbos will see that this brings abundant blessing to the rest of the week. Therefore, a person should learn the halachos of Shabbos regularly in order that he can truly keep the Shabbos properly.
  • One who performs the great mitzvah of hachnasas orchim earns abundant reward in the World to Come and sees great success in this world. Through the mitzvah of hosting guests, one merits to have Eliyahu Hanavi bless him with success and wealth in this world (Sefer Chassdei Yisrael).
  • One who performs the mitzvah of hachnasas orchim merits refuah and to be blessed with life (ibid).
  • One who seeks peace and blessing in his house should honor his wife (Bava Metzia 59a).
  • If a person is careful with his speech and doesn’t speak lashon hara and rechilus, he is blessed and saved from suffering; his prayers are accepted before Hashem, and he merits a good, long life. A person should learn the halachos of guarding his tongue in order to know what is permitted to say and what is forbidden; then he will be able to guard his tongue properly and be saved from anguish and suffering.
  • One who is careful with the mitzvah of netilas yadayim merits abundant blessing (Shabbos 62b).
  • The tzaddik Rabbi Moshe Mandel said that a couple should be very careful about shalom bayis, and this is a great segulah for parnassah, for having children and more (heard from his grandson, Harav Branzsweig).

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