Imagine harnessing the power of Torah for 40 consecutive days!

No need to imagine anymore. Now you can have a true Torah scholar learn a specific amount of Mishnah or Talmud daily, for forty days, as a merit for you or a loved one. Think of the possibilities!  Shidduchim, Childlessness, Parnassah, Refuah or any other situation can be improved via a powerful dose of Torah!

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Can you imagine finishing an entire masechta of Mishnah or Talmud? Can you imagine finishing the entire Shas? What tremendous zechuyos this can bring to you and your family!

Now a group of Torah scholars is available to partner with you to learn as much Mishnah or Talmud as you choose and channel those zechuyos to you and your family. Utilize this tremendous segulah of Torah – which is in fact Better Than a Segulah – to earn incomparable merit during times of challenge or times of hope.

Gain the unparalleled benefit of Torah study today!

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doveWhile all Mishnah study is valuable as a merit for blessing and as a segulah for specific needs, the tractate of Maseches Kinnim, when learned with the commentary of the Kan Mefureshes, is especially beneficial for many yeshuos. The tzaddeikes Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky, A”H, would often recommend this course of learning to people who sought her counsel in dealing with particular ailments.

A dedicated Torah scholar can learn Maseches Kinnim with the recommended commentary, as well as with the traditional commentaries of the Bartenura and Tosafos Yom Tov, as a merit for you or a loved one. This segulah is tried and true. Now you can benefit from it too.

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Many pious people arise early to pray precisely at the first ray of light, known as vasikin.  The merit of Torah learning done directly before this time, between chatzos halaylah (midnight) and vasikin, is particularly powerful.

Start your special day in a promising way:  a Torah scholar can learn in your merit on your wedding day, or any other day of importance to you, for a full hour before vasikin. The merit of Torah study at this auspicious time will surely pierce the heavens on your behalf and turn the day into a time of blessing.

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A library of holy Jewish scripture,located inside the caves of the Wailing Wall in the old city of Jerusalem, Israel. DEAR INSPECTOR: All the books seen here are Jewish holy books and scripture. Therefore, there is no copyright violation done here. THANK YOU! Eldad Carin.

Along with the proven power of Mishnah study, there are other holy books, authored by extraordinarily pious individuals, which have been known to bring blessing and salvation to those who study them. Some of these volumes include Zera Shimshon, Bas Ayin, Tomer Devorah, Kli Yakar, Ohr HaChayim, Alshich and Chafetz Chayim. A Torah scholar can learn from any of these sefarim for 40 consecutive days to bring heavenly blessing upon those who facilitated the learning.

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